September 10, 2019

S2, Ep 2 Thomas Harding: The Blackshirt Controversy (1934)

In this episode of our podcast Travels Through Time, bestselling author Thomas Harding takes us back to 1930s London and the sinister rise of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists.

We go on an extraordinary rags-to-riches journey, from the depths of the East End to the heights of Westminster, in the company of Isidore Salmon, a fascinating Jewish businessman and MP at the head of J. Lyons & Co, the famous catering and hotel empire.

This is the story of how Isidore took on Mosely and powerful fascist supporters such as Viscount Rothermere, proprietor of the Daily Mail, during the tumultuous summer of 1934.


Scene One: Christmas 1933/1934. Opening of the Lyons' Cumberland Hotel, largest in Europe, royal visit, and then launch party with Viscount Rothermere and Isidore Salmon. J Lyons at its heyday.

Scene Two: 7 June 1934. Oswald Mosely’s infamous ‘Olympia Rally’

Scene Three: (Shortly after) Isidore Salmon confront Viscount Rothermere

Memento: The cup used by Viscount Rothermere to toast Isidore Salmon

Presenter: Peter Moore

Guest: Thomas Harding

Producer: Maria Nolan

Titles: Jon O.

Digital Production: John Hillman


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