August 18, 2020

Ken Follett: The Evening and the Morning (1002)

In this fascinating episode of Travels Through Time, Ken Follett, one of the world’s best loved historical novelists, guides us back to the beginning of the last millennium. The year we visit, 1002, comes at a time of change when, after centuries of stagnation, English society was beginning to emerge from that gloomy period we call ‘The Dark Ages.’

The subject matter, the scenes and the characters that feature in this episode come from the world depicted by Follett in his hugely-anticipated new novel The Evening and the Morning, the prequel to his bestselling masterpiece, The Pillars of the Earth.

For a chance to win a first edition hardback copy of The Evening and the Morning, to read more about the scenes discussed in this episode and to see images and show notes, please head to our website:

Show notes

Scene One: 1002, The Slave Market, Bristol

Scene Two: 1002, The Viking seige of Exeter

Scene Three: 1002, The wedding of King Æthelred II & Emma of Normandy

Memento: A four-legged chair


Presenter: Peter Moore

Guest: Ken Follett

Editorial: Artemis Irvine

Producers: Maria Nolan

Titles: Jon O

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